A job stemmed off my ability to fix the Apple Airport Extreme. Jonathan Hill, a mission planner at the Mars Space Flight Facility was so impressed that he told Phil Christensen (a PI on many instruments that have gone to Mars).

I am now helping make the targeting software for the THEMIS camera aboard the Mars Odyssey Orbiter load mosaics better by helping move files and metadata to a new database (postgreSQL) from the old database (mySQL). I enjoy working with all sorts of data ranging from Viking Albedo data to TES mineral abundances.

Field I went well. Mini-camp was fun.

Kayla and I got motorcycle permits and our Friend Brad has let us ride his Kawasaki Ninja 250cc around on numerous occasions.

There is an inactive Stargate at one of the Lightrail stations.

Kayla and I have moved in together (finally) and have acquired an awesome couch off of craigslist for only $100.

My friend Kirk Geiger has graduated from ASU with a Business Degree in the W.P. Carey School of Business in the Finance program.

Kayla and I went to the first Phoenix Cloud Cult concert in a great venue called the Rhythm Room.

More to come possibly come controversial stuff.


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